Info: 1 day course

When: in curand

Where: Bucharest, Romania

Course Overview

Modern network based system are composed from several elements and layers. Thus, to secure these systems we need to secure all the elements the system is composed from and every layer. The two basic layers of every network based system are the network layer and the OS layer.

In this course we will discuss how to secure these two layers, i.e. how we secure the access to the network using firewalls and VPNS, and how we secure/harden the OS. In addition, we will discuss how to detect and prevent malware using IDS/IPS solutions.

In the course, we will discuss how the security solutions (e.g. firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS) work, and the best practices for implementing these security mechanisms/products.

Who should attend?
IT engineers and architects

Course Content:

1. Firewall
• Firewall objectives
• Packet filtering
– Stateless packet filtering (stateless)
– Stateful packet filtering
• Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT)
– NAT/PAT principles
– NAT/PAT modes (Full cone, Restricted cone, Port restricted cone)
– Symmetric NAT and its implications
• Demilitarized zones (DMZs) and access policy for internal applications
• Firewall security policy
– default deny vs. default allow
• Application Aware Firewalls
• Next Generation Firewalls
• Market overview and key players

2. VPNs
• VPN objectives
• VPN topologies
• VPN technologies
– SSL based VPN
– IPSec based VPN
• Market overview and key players

3. OS Hardening
• Need and objectives
• Hardening activities
– Patch Management
– Removing unnecessary services
– Authorization and Access Control
– Auditing and Logging
– Best practices

4. Malware detecting and prevention techniques
• IDS/IPS Objectives
– Attack detection vs. Intrusion detection
• IDS Paradigms
– White-list ver. Black-list
– Signature based (and evasion)
– Anti-virus / Anti-Malware
– Behavior based (Anomaly detection)
– Burglar alarms
– Honey-pots
– Hybrid approach
• Types of IDS/IPS
– Network based
– Host based
– Hybrid types
• End-Point Protection (anti-virus)
– Principles of anti-virus operation
– Additional features of EPP
– EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)
– Review the EPP market


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