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An innovative, super – fast scheduling optimization

Public transportation should be efficient, for both operators and passengers. Operators must be effective and dynamic, offering flexible schedules to meet changing passenger demands.

Optibus’ solution enables public transportation companies to formulate and optimize vehicle and driver schedules based on several unique patents – OptibizeTM.

The solution can factor in an unlimited number of constraints and parameters when formulating and optimizing the schedule.  Optimization involves an interactive process, ensuring the best passenger service at the lowest possible cost.

The solution is offered as SaaS – Software as a Service and it is cloud based. No need for hardware installation.

The solution is offered in several modules:  Optibus OnSchedule™, Optibus OnSchedule™ Rostering, Optibus OnSchedule™ Charge Optibus and OnTime™.

on schedule

Optibus OnSchedule™

A revolutionary interactive solution for building and optimizing traffic schedules for public transportation, enabling optimal vehicle and driver assignment. The optimization process is very fast.

The formulation and comparison of multiple scenarios enables users to select the optimal option.

The schedule appears on a color display, along with important quality indicators – KPIs.

“What-if” scenarios can be produced by manipulating preferences and parameters and analyzing the results.

Informed decisions can be done based on the full array of information, including the schedule that is least costly and most compliant with specific preferences and overall quality requirements.

OnSchedule™ Rostering

This module is an add-on to Optibus OnSchedule™, creating the drivers’ work plan based on the Optibus OnSchedule™ data.

The work plan is related to a certain period, considering additional time and work constraints such as:

– Maximum work hours allowed

– Work hour salary

– Overtime salary

– Rest period

– Holidays and vacations

– Shift constraints

– And more…

on time

Optibus OnTime™

In reality, public transportation is forced to deal with traffic jams, accidents, special and other unplanned events that lead to unintended delays.

These delays may have impact the entire fleet schedule.

Optibus OnTime™ is a unique solution that addresses potential delays before they have a negative impact on passengers.

The system alerts operators to vehicles that might be late for their next trip, providing them with an option for handling the problem in real-time by re-adjusting the schedule to assign other vehicles and drivers.

The updated schedule takes into account all of the relevant parameters and preferences, including quality and cost.

Optibus OnTime™ is a real-time optimization solution to be used by control room operators in order to ensure the best service for passengers at the lowest possible cost.

Optibus OnSchedule™ Charge

This module applies to electrical buses. It aims to build and optimize the schedule for charging bus batteries, considering the best time, location and charging duration.

Using ISO – Interactive Schedule Optimization – several “what-if” scenarios can be compared and evaluated in order to determine the best option.



Mobi was established to solve the problem of congestion in the connected-vehicle era.


Mobi monitors and controls urban traffic.

Smart wireless sensors located in points of interest gather large samples of mobility data.

Mobility Situational Awareness is obtained through analysis of data compiled by the sensors using a cloud-based system.

The user is presented with a full spectrum of traffic metrics (including origin-destination, number of vehicles, route and segment flow, vehicles in transit, etc.) as well as quality of service indices (including speed, travel time, lost time and other traffic information) on a very  intuitive and user friendly platform.

Mobi manages urban traffic, enabling proactive preemption of congestion and enhancing the quality of traffic service in the urban area.