Radio Systems for Millimeter Waves
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Siklu has a broad portfolio of mmWave Wireless products for V-Band (57-64GHz) and E-Band (71-76/81-86 GHz).

Wireless performance continues to ride a powerful curve of cost reduction and improved performance.  In mmWave this evolving ability to deliver more Gigabits per second at greater distances while prices continue to fall is coupled with massive market demand.  New applications are opening up and existing ones are expanding at a rapid rate.

The capabilities of mmWave wireless are propelling the technology into three primary market segments:

  • Gigabit to the Home (GTTH) delivered by 5G fixed wireless technologies, is demanding gigabit connections speeds for each household be it a single family unit or an multiple dwelling units
  • Smart Cities have become much more than low data rate, long range sensor networks. Smart Cities now include applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency solutions. Verticals such as Public WiFi backhaul, wireless connectivity for video security cameras and municipal network connectivity are all being served by mmWave wireless solutions
  • Business Broadband includes enterprises that need multi gigabit speeds beyond the reach of fiber plants. Add to this connecting mobile base stations both macro and micro size and this segment continues to grow

Siklu leads the industry in delivering complete end to end solutions for all three market segments.

5G Gigabit Wireless Access to the Home

For the past two decades the push has been to provide Broadband connectivity to residents around the world. Broadband had historically been defined as low as 2Mbps, while today this definition has been pushed to include Gigabit speeds. With the market demanding Gbps connections for households, both single family unit and multiple dwelling units, and the cost of running fiber to the front door, wireless is being seen increasingly as the solution. But not just any wireless system.

Only the mmWave bands have the spectrum and capacity to deliver multi Gbps interference-free connections. With PtMP Multihaul™ series Siklu offers cost effective Gbps solutions to allow carriers and service providers the ability to serve customers beyond the reach of the copper or fiber networks.  Combined with the point to point EtherHaul™ products for multi aggregation and the MultiHaul™ for MDU connectivity plus extensive software tools, Siklu delivers complete solutions.

Smart City Fixed Wireless

There are a plethora of applications emerging in the Smart City market that require Mbps and in many cases even Gbps.

Video Security with multiple cameras supporting HD or 4K are becoming the norm, while Public WiFi APs support over 2Gbps connectivity requiring a suitable backhaul connection for support.

Cities cannot afford, nor should they have to pay for, more than one network to deliver all the data of their cameras, WiFi Hot Spots, and even city office connectivity demands.

So how do you extend your smart city network everywhere, on time and on budget? That’s where Siklu’s field-proven mmWave wireless solutions come into play with multi-gigabit capacities and zero interference. Siklu radios can provide the performance and reliability you need for your smart city network.

Business Broadband

This market segment consists of two common applications: high capacity enterprise connections, both private and service provider supplied, and mobile backhaul.

These applications have grown in needs from Mbps to Gbps. For private networks, or supplying each company in a large business building gigabit service, high capacity networks are required.

Mobile and small cells capacities have grown dramatically in just the past 5 years reaching several Gbps. As a result the backhaul connections are now requiring 5 and even 10Gbps.

Siklu’s mmWave portfolio meets all of the above requirements be it for the enterprise or the service provider, delivering more Gbps over longer distances.

Business Connectivity

Businesses or Enterprises are often have multiple physical locations spread throughout a city. For some, public Internet connections with VPNs etc are an acceptable method of connecting individual offices. For others a private network is needed. Banks are one example of a private enterprise that requires a high speed, private Gbps+ network. Siklu’s easy-to-deploy wireless links provide your enterprise network secure, reliable, multigigabit connectivity.

Campus Networks

These networks are designed to connect multiple buildings or locations that are part of a single school or enterprise and are physically co-located within several square miles. Many times WiFi access is also a part of a campus network, and these high capacity small cells also need connectivity. These deployments have a variety of needs in connectivity – from capacity to range – and Siklu offers a broad selection of products to provide the best solution for each portion of the network.

Siklu Products

Point-to Point EtherHaul™ Hundred Series
Street- Level/Rooftops

  • License exempt 60GHz (V-Band)
  • Aggregated capacity: 100Mbps to1Gbps
  • Range: up to 1 Km
  • Up to 14 non-overlapping full-capacity channels
  • Small footprint
  • ODU+ 0.5ft antenna: 16.5×16.5x10cm


  • EH-500TX
  • EH-600TX
  • EH614TX
  • EH-700TX
  • Eht10TX

Point-to Point EtherHaul™ Kilo Series

  • License exempt 70/80GHz (E-Band)
  • Range: >2.2 miles/3.2 km; 6 ml/10 km
  • Full duplex capacity: 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • 2 to 32 non-overlapping channels
  • Available with 0.5ft./1ft./2ft. antennas


  • EH-1200TX
  • EH-1200FX
  • EH-2200FX
  • EH-2500FX
  • EH-8010FD

Point-to Multipoint MultiHaul™ Series
Street- Level/Rooftops

  • License exempt 60GHz (V-Band)
  • Aggregated capacity: 100Mbps to 1.8Gbps
  • Range up to 1310 feet/400 meters
  • 900 sector beam-forming antennas with self alignment
  • Terminal Unit with automatic and/orIP-less provisioning
  • cTU, the smallest mmWave radio in the industry: 6.5×3.1×1 in/16.5x8x2.5 cm


  • MH-B100
  • MH-T200-CCC
  • MH-T200-CNN
  • MH-T201-CNN

SW Sistems SmartHaul™SW

  • Link budget calculator
  • Financial Analysis Calculator
  • Wireless Network design engine
  • System Monitoring and Configuration