PULSE™ Platform
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PULSE™ General features and Benefits

PULSE™ provides engineers and project managers with one of the most advanced tools for designing and developing applications for process visualisation, data acquisition, control actions and reporting and analysis over a variety of Environments.

PULSE™ enables executives and managers to maximise the power of data analytics and intelligence for the benefit of operational excellence.

Originally conceived for Command & Control solutions for SCADA/HMI industrial Control & Automation systems, PULSE™ has developed over the years into a robust Command & Control platform in a wide variety of fields supporting  the emerging environments of IoT and Cloud computing. PULSE™ architecture allows hybrid installation both on premise and in the Cloud, optimising performance and security.

PULSE™ is capable of connecting any number and type of devices or sensors over the Cloud, integrating with the IoT Cloud platforms of leading vendors such as Microsoft Azure©, IoT Hub and others. In addition it also supports the leading connectivity protocols. New protocols are added permanently.

On top of the core Command & Control capabilities, PULSE™ provides a set of value added services such as:

  • Full GIS representation and interfaces with common GIS systems, enabling management of location based services.
  • Solutions for Big Data and Analytics, either developed by Afcon or through seamless integration with third party leading business partners.

PULSE™ Smart City

PULSE™, the Command and Control platform, brings Digital Transformation to the Smart Cities.

PULSE™ can control, monitor and manage the city infrastructure: electricity, communications, utilities, water, wastewater, traffic, parking, lighting, security, safety, public buildings and many other assets. City management needs to deploy sensors and devices and collect, analyze and use large amounts of data, in order to make decisions and operate.

PULSE™ is the ideal solution for management, command and control of municipal infrastructure deployments as well as for deployment of Safe City solutions with large scale video and surveillance equipment, alarms, fire and safety systems.

For a city that wishes to launch a Smart City project, PULSE™ can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors utilizing IoT, Cloud, Big Data and analytics technologies PULSE’s™ robust and scalable architecture can be used by a city as a Command & Control platform in a complex Smart City environment, either as a system itself, or as the System of Systems, managing other city sub-systems.

PULSE™ Smart BMS and Campuses

Afcon’s Command & Control Platform, PULSE™, brings Digital Transformation to Control & Automation Systems in Smart Buildings and Campuses
By transforming buildings and campuses into “connected” assets, with many sensors and devices collecting a large amounts of data to be monitored and analyzed will improve the decision making and operations.
A partial list of systems that can be monitored or controlled by the platform are shown below:

PULSE™ consolidates all the data onto a single platform improving the information management, analysis and reporting allowing facility-wide insight and control for better performance and right decision-making.

With 30 years of experience providing industry recognized Command & Control software and continuous investment in innovation and keeping pace with the rapid changes of the markets, PULSE™ is the ultimate platform for management command and control of building and campuses infrastructure.

A partial list of systems that can be monitored or controlled by the platform are shown below:

• Illumination (lighting) control
• Electric power control
• Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)
• Security and observation
• Access control
• Fire alarm system

• Lifts, elevators etc.
• Plumbing
• Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
• Other engineering systems
• Control Panel
• Alarm Monitor
• Security Automation

PULSE™ Smart Industrial Automation

With PULSE™, all vital data is always easily available, whenever you want it, wherever you are. Due to its high flexibility and reliability, data can be accessed easily and securely either in the Cloud or remotely on premise.

In the era of Industry 4.0 industrial manufacturing companies are facing strong demand to increase their productivity by realizing smart factories and smart manufacturing.

PULSE™ is supporting companies in implementation of Industry 4.0 scenarios such as: facilitating the ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT), aggregating and visualizing of raw sensor data to higher-value context information, processing with advanced tools (analytics and algorithms) to generate meaningful information.

PULSE™ providing industry recognized Command & Control software, continuing innovation, keeping pace with the rapid changes of the markets and being a Smart Industrial Automation platform it is an active partner of Industrial 4.0.

PULSE™ Cloud Managed Services

PULSE™ is capable of connecting any number and type of devices or sensors over the Cloud, integrating with the IoT Cloud platforms of leading vendors, such as Microsoft Azure, IoT Hub and others. PULSE™ also supports, and is constantly updated with, the leading connectivity protocols.
Moving to the Cloud needn’t be done all at once. A phased approach is possible, using a hybrid solution of PULSE™ on premise, with some of the database uploaded to the Cloud.  You could also use just some of the Cloud-based services, such as Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML) and others analytics. This approach provides a secure, best-of-breed solution, with maximum past investment protection, while utilizing the most advanced Cloud-based solutions.