Among the areas in which we promote hi-tech solutions in Romania are Smart Cities, telecommunications and more.


Siklu has a broad portfolio of mmWave Wireless products for V-Band (57-64GHz) and E-Band (71-76/81-86 GHz).

The capabilities of mmWave wireless are propelling the technology into three primary market segments:

  • Gigabit to the Home (GTTH) delivered by 5G fixed wireless technologies, is demanding gigabit connections speeds for each household be it a single-family unit or an multiple dwelling units
  • Smart Cities have become much more than low data rate, long range sensor networks. Smart Cities now include applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency solutions. Verticals such as Public WiFi backhaul, wireless connectivity for video security cameras and municipal network connectivity are all being served by mmWave wireless solutions
  • Business Broadband includes enterprises that need multi gigabit speeds beyond the reach of fiber plants. Add to this connecting mobile base stations both macro and micro size and this segment continues to grow


Siklu leads the industry in delivering complete end to end solutions for all three market segments.

Cyrus is an on-premise edge cloud that provides unlimited mobile capacity and secure connectivity, while analyzing mobile device and IoT data.

Cyrus is the first enterprise-based virtual base station solution providing end to end connectivity for any active DAS network.

As a 5G-ready platform, Cyrus is a future-proof bridge to killer apps yet to be developed Cyrus enables enterprises to improve productivity, increase revenue and deliver new services and applications.

Mobility Insight

Mobi monitors and manages urban traffic. Its solution utilizes intelligent sensors installed at relevant points in the urban area and a cloud system for processing and analyzing the compiled information.

Urban traffic management is based on the results of the above analysis.


Optibus helps public transportation companies operate more efficiently, reduce costs and deliver better passenger service.

The company operates two main modules:

Optibus OnSchedule™ powered by Optibize™, an innovative technology that plans staff and vehicle assignments using Interactive Schedule Optimization (ISO). Schedulers compare and evaluate different alternatives, immediately selecting the one that is most efficient and appropriate.

Optibus OnTime™ powered by Optibize™, enables control room operators to respond to unplanned incidents or changes in real time, preventing passenger service and cost implications.

PULSE™ Platform

PULSE™ is an Afcon’s innovative and scalable smart platform for Command, Control, Monitoring and Effective Management of Facilities, Industries, Utilities, Building, Campuses, Cities, etc.

The platform can manage a variety of systems, devices and sensors, utilizing IoT, Cloud, Big Data and analytics technologies.

PULSE™ provides engineers and project managers with one of the most advanced tools for designing and developing applications

for process visualization, data acquisition, control actions, reporting and analysis, over a variety of environments.

PULSE™ is tuned into today’s rhythm, enabling designers, engineers and decision makers to work in full collaboration over the net.

Real Time Asset Performance Monitoring

Smart Factory solution from 3DSignals, Real Time Asset Performance Monitoring (APM), proposed in context of the Industry 4.0 challenge of digital transformation of the industry, monitories the entire production line allowing visibility of machines in real time.

APM is composed of non-intrusive sensors, independent of monitored equipment, and a platform equipped with intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence for data analysis and visualization. The platform is located on the cloud.

The platform facilitates the monitorization of the key OEE indicator allowing production managers and factory managers to identify any anomalies or problems in real time, to increase the efficiency of the production and reduce costs. Access to the platform can be made from anywhere using your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The system can be coupling with SAP.