Info: 3 days course

When: 3-5 Dec. 2019

Where: Bucharest, Romania

Course Overview:

The main goal of the Cyber security course is to cover some fundamentals cyber security topic, to provide insights into the modern security environment, the cyber threat landscape and attacker mentality, including how attackers work, what tools they use, what vulnerabilities they target and what they’re really after.

This course covers a wide range of baseline topics, including terminology, the basics of computer networks, cryptographic principles, penetration testing and more. The hands-on sessions will enable you to grasp the information presented even if some of the topics are new to you. You’ll learn fundamentals of cyber security that will serve as the foundation of your security skills and knowledge.

Target Audience


  • Managers who feel bombarded with complex technical security terms they don’t understand, but want to understand
  • “Non IT” security managers who want to be able to communicate with other personal about cybersecurity as part of the overall security plan of the organizations
  • Anyone new to cyber security and in need of an introduction to the fundamentals of security
  • Professionals with basic computer and technical knowledge in all disciplines who need to be conversant in basic security concepts, principles, and

High-Level Managers:

  • Lead and manage meeting regarding cyber security threats
  • Conduct discussion and debates with your IT personal regarding cyber risk management within your organization
  • Be able to recruit high skilled security personal

Sales/Presale Managers

  • Capture your customers’ needs and concerns regarding cybersecurity aspects of
  • integrating your products into the customers infrastructure
  • Present and discuss the security aspects of proposed technological products and solutions with your customers
  • Interact with potential customer with knowledge and integrity regarding security aspects of products
  • Knowledge of the cyber security buzzwords and topics

Technical Support Managers

  • Communicate with confidence regarding information security topics, terms, and concepts
  • Understand computer network basics and fundamental grasp of networking acronyms, including TCP/IP, IP, TCP, UDP, MAC, ARP, NAT, ICMP, and DNS
  • Discuss various security technologies related to products with your customers.



Basic knowledge of computers and technology including IP Networking


Course Content:

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Hacking History
  • Cyber Attacks Trends
  • External and Internal threats
  • Hackers Types
  • Threats and attacks
  • Security Criteria’s
  • Threat Taxonomy Models summary


  1. Basics of Security Management
  • Security Layers
  • Defending concept according OSI Layers
  • Security modules and functionalities
  • Firewalls Types
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • IDS and IPS
  • Encryption protocols: IPSec, TLS and SRTP
  • Replay Attacks Protection
  • Server Hardenin
  1. TCP/IP vulnerabilities
  • Network Layer (IP) services – 3rd Layer
  • IP Header Structure
  • MTU and Fragmentation process
  • IP Addressing – issues and solutions
    • ARP, DHCP, NAT
  • Transportation Layers: TCP, UDP, SCTP


  1. Introduction to Cryptography
  • Public and Private keys
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption keys
  • DES and Triple DES
  • AES and RSA methods


  1. MiTM challenge and confidentiality solutions
  • What is TLS
  • What is IPsec
  • Applications over TLS and IPsec


  1. Inspection and interception Tool – Hands-on
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Getting Started
  • Capturing Packets
  • Color Coding
  • Sessions Filtering methods
  • Inspecting Packets
  • Network Topology studying
  • MAC Addresses and manufacturers
  • 3rd layer and IP Addresses analysis
  • Open ports at 4th Layer Analysis
  • Call flow analysis
  • Traffic analysis and eavesdropping
  • Live capture and real-time interception


Day 2

  1. Firewall
  • PFF, Proxy GW, Stateful Inspection
  • Management menu
  • Rules and policy


  1. IPTables Firewall
  • What is IPTables?
  • Chains and Chain Policy
  • Creating Rules and Rules Examples
  • Connection States
  • User Defined Chains
  • Logging Events/Packets
  • Advanced Examples
  • Managing IPTables Firewall


  1. Network and Vulnerabilities Scanning
  • Basic Scanning Techniques
  • Discovery Option
  • Operation System Detection
  • Nmap Script Engine
  • Nmap GUI
  • Vulnerabilities Information Sources
  • Vulnerabilities Scanners



Day 2-cont.

  1. Kali Linux
  • What is Kali Linux?
  • Some Kali Facts
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Tools Categories
  • Kali Desktop
  • Kali Top Tools
  • Kali Linux Alternatives


  1. Network Scanning – Hands-on Session
  • NMAP – Networks Scanning for Topology analysis and network Mapping
  • OpenVAS for vulnerabilities scanning and analysis


  1. Services inspection – Hands-on
  • Numbers Harvesting
  • Conferences eavesdropping
  • Password capture


  1. Firewall – Hands-on Session
  • FW Rules setting
  • Denial of Service and DDoS attacks
  • Port scanning and vulnerabilities
  • Blocking scenarios


Day 3

  1. Certificates and Authentication process
  • Certificates and X.509 ITU-T Standard
  • HTTP digest authentication
  • Authentication scheme for a trusted domain
  • Authentication Challenges


  1. Penetration Testing
  • What is Penetration Testing?
  • Reasons for Pen Testing
  • Hackers and Pen Testing
  • Vulnerabilities
  • What do we test
  • Pen Testing Phases
  • Types of Testing
  • Areas of Penetration Tests
  • References


  1. Network Penetration – DEMO Session
  2. Wireless Network penetration- Hand-on Session
  • John the Ripper/Crunch
  • Brute-force search
  • Brute-force attack
  • Password cracking/ WPA2 crack


  1. Security Summary
  • Policy enforcement
  • Organization Security personal and hierarchic
  • Chief Information Security Officer – CISO
  • Penetration Tester / Hacker
  • Forensics
  • Information Security Administrator: ISAD
  • Information Security Auditor
  • Application Development Security Expert
  • InfoSec Systems Project Manager
  • InfoSec Incident Expert
  • Physical InfoSec Expert
  • Behavior Analysis Expert and To-Do-List



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600 Euro

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Full Price

800 Euro

cost total per participant

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